• Member of the Month - January

    So it is a new month and a new year and we need to announce the January's Member of the Month!! For those who are unaware of MotM, each month 1 Division/Sector Leadership Team will be selected to give me a nominee within their Division/Sector who they feel is deserving of this title. When the Leaders are looking to select a member for this title, they will look for someone who doesnít have to be asked to do things, they are proactive in the overall growth & success of their Sector and DOM, they lend a helping hand to current members & Recruits, are active on the forums/in-game, and more.

    So please join me in congratulating ...

    of Black Ops 3 - PS4 North America

    Well well well, you have certainly made a name (or names) for yourself @Corrvoh. Your Leadership team felt that you were deserving of this recognition and I completely agree with them. You have been incredibly active on the forums, shout box and in-game. You have been welcoming to everyone regardless of rank, division, or sector ... and we love that about you. Please keep up all the great work and continue to be that try hard/sweaty person we have come to know and love in-game Carson/Corey/Kyle/ST

    There are a lot of new members who havenít gotten a chance to get to know Corrvoh/Carson/Corey/Kyle/ST . So here are some random questions so that YOU can get to know a little bit more of DOMís January's Member of the Month.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    My name's Carson Fitzgerald. I live way up in the Adirondacks and have lived here since I was born. I currently work and go to college hoping to find what I want to do in the world. I play everything on console like COD, Battlefield, and many more games. I also play a few PC games here and there like LoL, Wizard101, and SWTOR. I love tacos and red pandas. I'm serious...

    Where did you get the GT ďCorrvohĒ from?
    I got the name Corrvoh while I was trying to think of a new name. I thought of the character Corvo Attano from Dishonored and remembered how cool he was. Honestly I took that name and made it mine for my gaming life and it wonít change anytime soon. It has really grown on me.

    What made you join DOM and what has been your best experience since joining?
    Joining DOM was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I told my two IRL friends that I wanted to play with more people in a party to enjoy COD more (speaking from serious experience.) I stumbled upon DOM in the BO3 forums and instantly applied. Iíd be lying if I said I wasnít waiting impatiently for my application to be accepted. Thatís how Weave was the first member to talk to me. I donít really have a BEST experience so far because I have so many amazing memories. But I really enjoy meeting new players or recruits and getting to know more and more people everyday.

    Tell me 5 random things about yourself.

    • Iím pretty short. About 5í8
    • Iím not funny
    • I am random
    • I could spell onomatopoeia when I was 5 because of Hey Arnold (Iím serious)
    • I Play Claw

    Outside of gaming, what other hobbies do you do?
    Gaming is a huge hobby of mine but I sometimes like to read and write stories. I am also starting to become a sword collector and I own three katanas and one straight katana.

    How do you balance your gaming/hobbies with your real life responsibilities?

    I believed that if I did what was expected of me then however I spent my free time was never questioned. Meaning, If you do all your homework then you can play. Or if you got home from an 8 hour shift then you can play. In my house, itís about earning your free time.

    When did you start gaming?
    My mother always said when I was a baby, my eyes were glued to the TV as I watched my older sister play Super Mario. The older I got, the more I played until it became something I truly loved.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    Far Cry 3. Hands down the best game I have played. I played through that game 100 times because I loved the story. Everything about it was perfect. The perfect villain, characters, and protagonist. You watch as your character slowly becomes insane and bloodthirsty with each person you kill to save your friends. Along with itís favorite quote, ďDid I ever tell you the definition of insanity?Ē

    What game genre do you prefer?
    Action/Adventure. I love anything with guns, assassins, survival, zombies, anything along those lines.

    What do you like most about Black Ops 3?
    I love how Treyarch takes what AW did wrong and make it so it can work (meaning the Exo.) I wasnít too fond of the futuristic jumping around but Treyarch definitely made it fun!

    What do you like least about Black Ops 3?
    Fortunately, only one thing. #BUFFTHEWEEVIL

    What was your first gaming console?
    SNES was my first. At least the first I can remember. I remember playing the OG Star Fox, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, Bubsy, Donkey Kong, Bubble Blasters.

    What is your best gaming memory?
    I have quite a few but I guess one of the most recent ones was back when I was still competitive. Back when AW launched, Gamebattles hosted a free entry 4v4 tournament with a $1000 prize. I remember playing through that whole tournament and my Dad asked what I was doing. I told him about the tournament and watched me in the background. We ended up placing 3rd or 4th and didnít win anything but I remember my Dad was pretty proud of me. He said he had no idea I took it so seriously.

    Any games you are looking forward to?
    Dishonored 2, Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, Naruto Storm 4 off the top of my head.

    VERY IMPORTANT Ö chocolate milk or strawberry milk?
    Chocolate milk. We used to have strawberry silk in my schoolÖ Was some dark times thenÖ havenít had strawberry milk since...