• Member of the Month - February

    It is a new month and you know what that means ... a new Member of the Month. For those who are unaware and new to the DOM Community, each month 1 Division/Sector Leadership Team will be selected to give me a nominee within their Division/Sector who they feel is deserving of this title. When the Leaders are looking to select a member for this title, they will look for someone who doesn’t have to be asked to do things, they are proactive in the overall growth & success of their Sector and DOM, they lend a helping hand to current members & Recruits, are active on the forums/in-game, and more.

    So please join me in congratulating ...

    Senior of the Battlefield Sector - North America (even though he lives in Australia)

    You have made quite the impression on me and in a good way. You have been extremely active and stood by your Sector's side (along with other members) through the rough patches. Plus you have been a positive person and quite the selfie taker in your Sector's kik chat ... which is always fun to see. So thank you for being you and bringing some positivity and laughs to our Community. This title is very well deserving and when I asked Chrome and Drifter about who to pick from BF, I figured your name would be brought up. So again, congratulations and keep it up.

    There are a lot of new members who haven’t gotten a chance to get to know @Bluemugoo . So here are some random questions so that YOU can get to know a little bit more of DOM’s February Member of the Month.


    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    My names Tony for those of you who don't know me I go by the online name of Bluemugoo I'm a 22 year old Aussie bloke married with 2 beautiful little kids boy girl (winning!) I'm a boilermaker working in the mining sector within I live in a small outback town in the middle of no where called Mt Isa Queensland.

    Where did you get the GT “BlueMugoo”?
    Funny you ask that I shared a runescape account with a old friend he left moved away and Stopped playing so I stopped playing also and I decided to save up and buy a my first PS3 I liked the name we used for runescape so I used it for my PSN has been Bluemugoo for atleast 8 years now.

    In 6 words, describe Australia.
    Awesome, Beautiful, Scenic, Peaceful, Hot and Crazy.

    What made you join DOM and what has been your best experience since joining?
    I bought a PS4 and all my friends stayed behind on PS3 I hate playing solo so I decided to post on battlelog and see if others wanted to play with this crazy Aussie bloke and there this person reached out to me (Drifterhawk) he introduced me to DOM I'm so glad he did I had no one and nothing and now I have everyone and everything. My best experience so far in DOM is so hard to pinpoint exactly one that comes to mind right now is me recruiting DeltaCharlie and now he has not only became a awesome friend but he's opened many new friendships for him self I'd like to say a special thanks to drifter for recruiting me never once have I regretted joining.

    Tell me 5 random things about yourself.
    • I'm a crazy Aussie adrenaline junkie
    • I'm a huge family person
    • My favorite colour is yellow (I know right)
    • I love cats
    • I'm addicted to tattoo's and piercings.

    Outside of gaming, what other hobbies do you do?
    I do a lot of trail riding have a Honda crf250r race bike I ride it like I stole it hehe, wife and kids also have motorbikes and quads so we all go riding as a family for a day trip out, going 4WD'ing in the areas around where I live, camping with the family and friends.

    How do you balance your gaming/hobbies with your real life responsibilities?
    It's definitely tough I do live by 1 rule "happy wife happy life". I always put my work and family first before my hobbies or gaming generally I play little bits throughout the week after work as I work long days. I mostly always play over the weekends just break it up 50/50 between family and gaming and if I see a opportunity to do some of my hobbies I'll always sieze the moment and make the most it.

    When did you start gaming?
    I started gaming when I was very young around 6 I used wake up very early over the weekends with my brother and we would sit in the lounge room and play video games all morning while our parents slept in.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    My favourite game would have to be golden eye 007 on Nintendo 64 I used to play that with my friends till the controllers broke it was the best shooter of its time and as a kid I felt like it was the bees knees of graphics just what you could in the game in multiplayer was fun for hours for all of us.

    What game genre do you prefer?
    I'm very 50/50 I do like RPG games aswell as a decent first person shooter.

    What do you like most about Battlefield?
    I like the concept of vehicles being used to even the playing field and give some advantage to pushing forward I believe that's what has let COD down a lot.

    What do you like least about Battlefield?
    People who sit in vehicle's every single game and that's all they do smash you in the helicopter or tank.

    What was your first gaming console?
    My first console as a kid was the Super Nintendo.

    What is your best gaming memory?
    My best memory I'm pretty sure was Black Ops 1 could have been Black Ops 2 the level with the silo doors in the middle of the map and they would open on domination the b flag would be down there the game started I rushed to that area and threw a grenade in there and got shot down grenade went off and I got 6 kills with the single grenade and the whole team left the match!!!

    Any games you are looking forward too?
    The division will cry on my pillow if it isn't any good. Obviously the new battlefield is going to exciting as well.

    VERY IMPORTANT ... Coffee or tea?
    Always tea nothing like a nice cup of tea in the morning to wake up coffee isn't the best tasting.