• Member of the Month - March

    Barely into 2016 and the months are just flying by. Well it is already March and you know what that means ... a new Member of the Month. For those who are unaware or you are new to the DOM Community, each month 1 Division/Sector Leadership Team will be selected to give me a nominee within their Division/Sector who they feel is deserving of this title. When the Leaders are looking to select a member for this title, they will look for someone who doesn’t have to be asked to do things, they are proactive in the overall growth & success of their Sector and DOM, they lend a helping hand to current members & Recruits, are active on the forums/in-game, and more.

    So please join me in congratulating ...

    Nurgles Duck
    Soldier of Xbox One European Union for Black Ops 3

    You have made quite the impression on your Xbox One Team Leaders Nurgles Duck, that they felt that you should be a Member of the Month. You are very active on the forum and it shows with your 300 + post and you have been a member since January. That is a great accomplishment. You were so excited when I messaged you about MotM and told me you have been wanting this since you joined. So here is your opportunity. Wear that sparkly rank with pride and thank you for everything you have done for the DOM Community.

    There are a lot of new members who haven’t gotten a chance to get to know @Nurgles Duck. So here are some questions so that YOU can get to know a little bit more of DOM’s Member of the Month for March

    Where did you get the GT “Nurgles Duck”?
    When I was at school my nickname was Papa Nurgle which is the God of death and decay funny really and the reason I have duck is because I love ducks aha ever since my second gamertag there has been a duck in it.

    What made you join DOM and what has been your best experience since joining?
    The reason I joined DOM is because I was getting annoyed at playing Call of Duty on my own all the time and I just didn't enjoy it whatsoever. That's why I didn't like playing AW. So I wanted to be a part of a clan again and DOM looked like the clan for me. My best experience has to be my first game night as it made me feel like a part of the clan very early on and that was amazing, who doesn't want to feel like they belong?

    Which member(s) have you played the most with or become close with?
    I have played the most with @Gerts1O1O. Him and I were Recruits pretty much the same time, I also played alot with @II PANIC GUN II and @Bo0m0iDa but he has tests to do and I have work but hopefully we can play a lot more now.

    Tell me 5 random things about yourself.
    This question is quite difficult for me but emm
    1. I'm pretty much the only goth I know around where I live
    2. I come from a family of giants as I'm 6 foot 3 and I'm the shortest brother and I have 4 brothers!
    3. I love dogs aha opposite of Bluemugoo
    4. I'm pretty laid back with everything but when I rage you'll finally here my true accent
    5. I really really love minions

    Outside of gaming, what other hobbies do you have?
    I play snooker a lot and pool and that's mainly because of my dad as he was the pool champion of where he worked. I also really enjoy playing air hockey I'll play against anyone.

    How do you balance your gaming/hobbies with your real life responsibilities?
    Everyday I get home from work at about nine and if I'm not with my girlfriend then I will game until 2am and wake up at 7am for work the next day but when my girlfriend is here I don't game whatsoever unless she's playing with her phone then I might fit in a game or two.

    When did you start gaming?
    I started gaming when I was 6 I watched my older brother play the Matrix on the original Xbox and was just like woah I want to play and ever since then I played different games.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    I know I say this everywhere but it has to be Crush Hour for the PS2. I just love that game could play it for hours in fact I did after school everyday until I was made to do homework

    What game genre do you prefer?
    Shooters I guess as I mainly play COD or Destiny and occasionally FIFA.

    What do you like most about Call of Duty?
    I like the fact that there is a lot to earn for example gold camos and dark matter this year diamond in Black Ops 3, I enjoy that there is a story line to BO3 and zombies too. That's amazing. Looking forward to the DLC.

    What do you like least about Call of Duty?
    Everyone raging as that makes me rage and then I do bad and so does the rest of the team.

    What was your first gaming console?
    The PlayStation one it was a simpler time with that console.

    What is your best gaming memory?
    Probably has to be playing Call of Duty: World at War as I first played that with my brother and it seemed like we enjoyed it more together playing the campaign and it was the first time we ever gamed together properly.

    Any games you are looking forward to?
    No I don't think there is really mainly looking forward to DLC for Destiny and Black Ops 3 for the Xbox. I'm kinda wanting to get Rocket League though.

    VERY IMPORTANT … scary movie or comedy?
    Has to be comedy even though scary movies are cool I have to watch them on my own as my friends and girlfriend won't watch them with me