• DOM's Member of the Month - December 2016

    Hello everyone! For those who are unaware or you are new to the DOM Community, each month 1 Division/Sector Leadership Team will be selected to give me a nominee within their Division/Sector who they feel is deserving of this title. We haven't done this in a few months, but we are excited to bring it back! When the Leaders are looking to select a member for this title, they will look for someone who doesnít have to be asked to do things, they are proactive in the overall growth & success of their Sector and DOM, they lend a helping hand to current members & Recruits, are active on the forums/in-game, and more.

    So please join me in congratulating ...

    Patron of XB1 FPS Sector - Battlefield

    You have made quite the impression on your Division Team Leaders Firemedicmfd56, that they felt that you should be a Member of the Month. Your leaders think you having done an outstanding job and have been a wonderful addition to this community! That is a great accomplishment. Wear that sparkly rank with pride and thank you for everything you have done for the DOM Community.

    There are a lot of new members who havenít gotten a chance to get to know @Firemedicmfd56 . So here are some questions so that YOU can get to know a little bit more of DOMís Member of the Month for December

    Where did you get the GT ďFiremedicmfd56Ē?
    My GT comes from me being a Firefighter and an EMT. It also has my unit number and the initials of the fire department Iím employed with.

    What made you join DOM and what has been your best experience since joining?
    I did a search for battlefield clans and DOM was one of the tops results. I checked out the website and was really impressed that DOM doesnít have a K/D ratio requirement and that the focus was more on teamwork and not leaving anyone behind regardless of how good they are. I would say that my best experience would be the game nights that we have. It feels so much like family when are online together. Itís a place when we can all chill out from the rest of life and have fun with different people from different areas.

    Which member(s) have you played the most with or become close with?
    I have played the most with Pattymac000, Infinity3060, Geturmindrite, CeasingEnd, and E4gle101. I would say that Iím closest with Pattymac000.

    Tell me 5 random things about yourself.
    1. I have been a firefighter for 10 years and an EMT for 5 years
    2. Iím married and have a 5 year old daughter.
    3. Shinedown is my favorite band.
    4. Iím from Tennessee.
    5. I have one brother.

    Outside of gaming, what other hobbies do you have?
    My hobbies include fishing, hunting, shooting guns, disc golf, paintball, movies, and hanging out with family and friends.

    How do you balance your gaming/hobbies with your real life responsibilities?
    Being a firefighter and an EMT I work 24 hour shifts and Iím able to play when all my chores are done and when Iím on downtime. At home I usually try to play during the day some since Iím at home by myself. When my wife and daughter get home I usually spend time with them and then get when its close to my daughterís bedtime.

    What is your favorite game genre?
    I prefer the FPS genre.

    What is your favorite game and why?
    I love Battlefield 4 with Battlefield 1 running a close 2nd favorite. Since I have been in the military, I love how Battlefield 4 is similar to the modern military and thatís why it is my favorite.

    What do you like most about Battlefield?

    What do you like least about Battlefield?
    I love Battlefield 1 except for the hardcore mode. I donít like that it doesnít have hit markers or that you have to aim at someone to see if they are friendly or if they are the enemy.

    What was your first gaming console?
    My first gaming console was the NES.

    Any games you are looking forward to?
    Iím looking forward to seeing what the Battlefield series comes up with next.