West Coast Chill

Website: http://shopwestcoastchill.com
Follow them on Twitter: @WestCoastChill


Website: http://www.trumoxy.com/
Follow them on Twitter: @TruMoxy

Use of their name and logo on all of our social media and video channels, team jerseys, etc. Use of their co-branded TruMoxy & West Coast Chill stream overlay graphic (downloadable from TruMoxy.com website). A discount code that our followers can use for a 5% discount on all online orders of West Coast Chill from our website. Our code is "dom1" - THIS GETS YOU 10% OFF! [*]$4.00 cash for every 24 can case ($2 for every 12 can case) of West Coast Chill that is sold from their website by people whom entered our discount code. Our followers get their discount and we make money too! Periodic West Coast Chill “Prize Packs” full of merchandise and product that we can use for giveaways. $5.00 cash for every paid member of TruMoxy.com that we refer to TruMoxy. Each individual will be able to put our (DeoOptimoMaximo) name into a referral box at the time of signup. Daily promotion of our organization/YouTube/Twitch on both West Coast Chill and TruMoxy social media outlets. Once a month placement of our name (and all elements we would like to promote) on the front page of both WestCoastChill.com and TruMoxy.com. A HUGE boost for us! Additional West Coast Chill product and merchandise for gaming tournaments, LANS, etc., that we travel to participate in upon your request.


Cinch Gaming is a provider of Custom controllers, as well as apparel and accessories. At this time, we currently don't have that much information too share. This sponsorship is dependent on the usage of our coupon code through their website when making purchases. Meaning, as time goes on, the more people that use the code, the more perks we get. Such as bigger discounts and even our own "DOM" controller. They will also be promoting our community.
Coupon Code- "dom1"

Website: http://www.cinchgaming.com/
Follow them on Twitter: @CinchGaming