Deo Optimo Maximo [DOM] is a multi-console and multi-game first person shooter gaming community serving active players from all across the globe. We are a group of casual and competitive players who have come together to provide a fun and safe gaming atmosphere. Our casual gamers can are part of DOM's Community website/forums belonging to a Division and Sector. Members are committed to the Community's success by exuding unity and positivity with everything we do. We have a variety of players, each different in their own way so you can always feel at home regardless of your age, who you are, and where you come from. Unlike other clans/gaming communities, our main focus is not just to play, but to continuinally promote a positive gaming experience for everyone that we encounter off and on the battlefield. We service our communities by providing fundraising events for local charities and national organizations. We believe in quality over quantity and character over skill. 


Building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, industry peers, affiliates, and Sponsors is one of the DOM's community's key goal. Founders spend a significant portion of time trying to build relationships that can have a far greater long-term impact on potential success on all parties involved. We work hard to meet the expectations on all relationships formed. Please send all inquiries to domclancommunity@gmail.com


#LEAVENOMANBEHIND is DOM's mission that we practice daily and should provide all reasurrance to anyone who is thinking about joining that we strive our best to make you feel part of the community very quickly. Members know the importance of partying up and gaming up and picking up lone wolfs to be part of the pack. 

Communication, Teamwork, and Attitude are our core attributes and the reasons for our success. We strive to develop great rapport with you whether you have just entered in the door, or have settled in for a number of years. We treat each other like family, and work together constantly to evolve and change to better our future. 


Original Founders Nakturnal12 and I-am-JUBEE are a husband and wife team that created DOM on November 20th, 2012. As corporate employees, both of them are no different from most of you who use the online gaming world to create friendships and escape the stresses of every day life. With their faith and family-first beliefs they created Deo Optimo Maximo along with two of their friends. Providing a quality gaming experience for everyone who came on board was the primary goal and making sure each person that joined knew the importance of abiding by the Rules of Engagement (ROE) and staying strong to the core values and mission. Nakturnal12 and I-am-JUBEE believe in creating Leaders and role models that reflect the quality of the Community at all times. It is why the Community has been going strong for years is that there is already a standard set in place for what the Community is looking for in the next person that joins. DOM started as a small PS4 North America team in 2012 with the focus only on Call of Duty games. We then grew rapidly and eventually the community branched off to welcome European gamers, XBOX ONE Members, and opened up the doors to other games.. Back then we used the Enjin forums to get the community together. However, we came to find that it didn't meet the needs of our growing community. XSV-4ce joined DOM in 2013. He quickly climbed up all the ranks and was valued amongst all Members and Leaders. He played an intriguel part in the transition from Enjin to vBulletin in 2014 and is the main reason of why we have a place to call our own. He currently serves as Co-Founder with I-am-JUBEE.


There have been other Founders and Clan Leaders that have stepped up to the plate to continue the community's mission of Leaving No Man Behind. Names such as BigWeave23 (Founder 2015-2016), xZOMBIEKITTENx (Clan Leader 2014-2016), and Pixelbright (Clan Leader 2015-2016) should always be respected and remembered for their dedication to our home. All of these names you see above have given so much love and support to this community and its Members and it is the main reason why we continue to exist today.



 "We want to make sure that everyone understands that we're unique. That we're special. We're special in a way that your experience in the DOM Community will impact your real life in a positive way. We work hard because DOM and its Members deserves only the best. Join now to be part of a very promosing future!"

-Nakturnal12 & I-am-JUBEE