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  • blah
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  • bored
  • brooding
  • busy
  • buzzed
  • chatty
  • cheeky
  • Cheerful
  • cloud9
  • cold
  • cold turkey
  • confused
  • cool
  • crappy
  • creative
  • curious
  • cynical
  • daring
  • dead
  • devilish
  • disagree
  • doh
  • doubtful
  • drama queen
  • dreaming
  • drunk
  • elated
  • energetic
  • fiendish
  • fine
  • flirty
  • gloomy
  • goofy
  • grumpy
  • happy
  • hot
  • hungover
  • i'm breezy
  • in love
  • in pain
  • innocent
  • insomnious
  • inspired
  • lonely
  • lucky
  • lurking
  • mellow
  • mischievous
  • monday blues
  • musical
  • needy
  • no mood
  • not amused
  • not worthy
  • paranoid
  • pensive
  • predatory
  • procrastinating
  • psychedelic
  • questioned it
  • relaxed
  • roflmao
  • Sad
  • scared
  • scurvy
  • shocked
  • sick
  • sleeping
  • sleepy
  • sneaky
  • spaced
  • sporty
  • starving
  • stressed
  • sunshine
  • sweet tooth
  • thinking
  • tired
  • torn
  • twisted
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      Applications for Battle Arena Games (MOBA) - New Users START HERE

      Welcome to the DOM Community!



      This sector includes:


      If you are not applying for any of these games, please visit HERE and select the option that best interests you. If you are a returning applicant, please fill out this application instead.

      Follow the directions below:

      1) Please make sure you REGISTER on the website first! YOUR USERNAME MUST BE THE SAME AS YOUR GAMERTAG! We can change this later if need be through CONTACT US. You will not have the ability to fill in the clan application if you are not a registered user. Keep in mind that some verification emails get sent to your SPAM folder! If you have already registered please go ahead to the next step! If you haven't make sure to do that now.

      2) Now that you are a registered member you will have access to the clan applications. Please click the appropriate network to fill out your The Division application:

      WE WILL ONLY APPROVE APPLICANTS THAT HAVE REGISTERED & FILLED OUT THE APPLICATION FORM. If you are missing an application form and it has been over 48 hours since you've registered, we will have to cancel your registration! All registrations require moderation. Please be aware that we cannot do anything until you have submitted an application form!

      The turnaround time for applications should be instant. However there are times that it can take up to 24-48 hours. If you do not receive a notification status/private message/visitor message about your application and it has been over 48 hours, please PM
      XSV_4ce. You may also visit our Contact Us page located here: CLICK HERE for further help.

      NOTE: In the event that you are not accepted into the clan, you can re-apply after a 7 day waiting period.

      Good luck and look forward to have you be part of our community!


      [DOM] Clan Leader and Master Admin

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