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      Are you barmy about salami?
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      Star Trek Online

      Hey all Trekkers I am looking to join a fleet. I have 2 characters, Starfleet and Klingon.

      Currently at lvl 51 for my Starfleet and I've not really changed a lot other then the ship every 10 lvls. I know there is so much I'm missing like skills, kits, gear ect.
      So I'm also looking for someone to teach me the more in depth part as its starting to get harder. (still got the torpedo boost even though I don't have any selected )

      If your on Xbox plz look me up.

      Live long and prosper

      "Knowledge is preferable to ignorance."
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      Dumdidumdum ..
      flappah's Avatar
      Wow, level 51. I started the game but never got past level 8. So many games, so little time right now. But I should pick up STO again real soon. BTW, @Tazz NL is pretty desperate right now in reaching level 60 so he's quite a match for you, level wise!

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      I got lvl 60, Romulan Fleet Admiral (Klingon Faction; although the story is about all factions working together).

      To get better, you actually have to grind a lot so you can upgrade all your items to XV Ultra Rare or Epic. It will cost a lot of money and dilithium. The easy method is to buy zen to buy keys or buy keys on the exchange to open those boxes, as it will also contain upgrade material that won't cost extra dilithium and gives a big boost to the upgrade. You also have to be lucky to get a tier 5 or 6 ship out of a chest. A tier 5 can be upgraded to be as good as a tier 6. Yes its rare... so I got to admit I did buy zen to buy a tier 6 intelligence ship.

      oh, yes you can upgrade stuff, so if you have a white item with nice stats you need (for example extra beam attack dmg), you upgrade it to very rare or even ultra rare or epic, and it will get better stats and even sometimes additional stats. You also have set-items, keep them even if not used. These set-items are mostly given at end of a quest storyline).

      You need money fast? Do the daily quest in which you need to visit a couple of systems in the galaxy within 15 minutes (forgot the name lol). You need dilitihium? Do the daily mining quest. You need experience because you are too low for the next story-line? Do those popup events (especially in the beta-sector as those are lvl 50-60).

      Check out your officiers, try to get purple officers and buy skills that suit your playstyle better. I just got 10 skills in Intelligence, so I also upgraded two of my officers to Intelligence as my Tier 6 ship has the ability to let them use those Intelligence space skills. They always can use their specialization skills on ground battles by the way, but for space combat they need a special matching officer slot in the ship (command / pilot or intelligence).

      Just ask... we can keep this thread for questions/ answers

      Oh and do those Reputation 'quests' for extra abilities and free chests with items.. its under Reputation lol. You will have an hourly and daily you can start for every faction you unlocked via story-line.

      PS: I already played this on PC a couple of years back; I hope they will introduce the duty officers soon on the console That is like a mini-game in which you can send officers on their own quests to get money/items/etc.
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      Game Night Winner 4/13, 4/27

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      Are you barmy about salami?
      FlippersFist's Avatar
      Thanks for all the advice @Tazz NL. I think I understand most of it lul I will have to keep coming back to refresh. Hopefully this will get flow going again as I've stopped playing as much due to the lack of understanding. Cheers pal

      "Knowledge is preferable to ignorance."
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      GS: 201+
      Zh4nk0u's Avatar
      I really should play more of this game at some point. Looks so good.

      Thanks PixelBright for this amazing signature!

      ISpy event Mar 2016

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      Are you barmy about salami?
      FlippersFist's Avatar
      Is there a fleet my Klingon character can join?

      "Knowledge is preferable to ignorance."
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      GS: 201+
      Zh4nk0u's Avatar
      As far as im aware no? Not DOM specific at least @FlippersFist

      Thanks PixelBright for this amazing signature!

      ISpy event Mar 2016

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